We work on causes that matter with clients we believe in.

The Worker Agency
is a public affairs and strategic communications firm.

We work on things that matter with clients we believe in.

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Joe Rivano Barros

Joe graduated from Stanford with a BA in Political Science in 2014 and has spent the last few years in various media roles — as a non-profit worker for press ethics in Bhutan, as a reporter on gentrification in the Mission, and as communications director for pro-housing advocacy in San Francisco. He's a Swedish-born Chilean who grew up in San Leandro and currently lives in the Mission with nine housemates.


William Fitzgerald

William spent nearly 10 years on the public policy and comms teams at Google in Europe, Asia and the U.S. He's worked on advocacy campaigns for domestic workers, refugees, racial justice and many more. He's from Ireland and lives in San Francisco with his wife and dog.


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Job Openings

Campaigner (full-time)

The Worker Agency, San Francisco, CA

About The Worker Agency

We plan and execute campaign strategy and communications for grassroots organizations at the front lines of movements. We work fast and well for clients we believe in. We focus on public campaigns that involve research, media work, advocacy, and direct actions. Our campaigns involve simple messages backed by complex thinking and are designed to achieve the greatest impact with the fewest resources, finding the right leverage to change corporate and government policies.

We are currently working on campaigns for immigrants rights, anti-surveillance, criminal justice, and labor rights. Our approach is to tackle the policies, rules, and mentalities at the source of injustice to change how society at large views an issue and how decisions are made in the public interest. We try to craft principled messages that unmask power, educate the public, and motivate action.

Our Twitter feed offers glimpses of our current campaigns, which include the following:

  • We help Mijente with their #NoTechforICE campaign targeting tech companies that work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. One recent win: The campaign successfully successfully pressured U.C. Berkeley to drop Palantir as a sponsor of its Privacy Law Scholars Conference. We’ve released reports, helped with direct actions, and garnered media coverage for this campaign.

  • We built a Twitter presence for RAICES and cultivated a wider audience and broader base of resource support for its work to end migrant detention and deportation. We’ve worked with reporters on telling stories from detention centers and have traveled to Mexico to give advocate on behalf of asylum-seekers in the migrant caravan.

  • We assist Gig Workers Rising in fighting for the basic rights and protections of Uber and Lyft drivers in California, who are rallying for the passage of Assembly Bill 5 as Uber and Lyft move to defeat the legislation.

  • We helped Fight for the Future launch a campaign to ban facial recognition nationwide, attracting press attention and helping to create a map that shows where facial recognition is currently used nationally — and where attempts to ban it are moving forward.

About the position

We are a small team whose members comfortably work together or individually as projects require. This will be our third full-time hire. We are looking for someone who can physically be in the Bay Area to join the team. Every member of The Worker team can be tapped at any time to handle multiple aspects of client work. The ideal candidate therefore has a wide range of skills and enjoys switching gears between many kinds of tasks.

We are looking for someone who thinks critically about power and how to build it for people who don’t have it. This calls for radical and nuanced thinking about the future, and an intuitive feel for the difference between genuine progress and small reforms that maintain current power relationships. The ideal candidate has a strong moral compass. In writing and conversation, they use evidence and empathy to distill core arguments about justice and fairness.

Responsibilities include:

  • Strategy - Developing smart campaigns with public resonance by finding the most powerful, principled arguments and narratives, making them accessible and persuasive, and turning them into a cohesive set of actions and messages.

  • Writing - Moving skillfully between short and long formats to produce tweets and op-eds that are equally compelling and clear; taking time to know the voices of our clients and striving to extend and echo those voices when asked to write on their behalf.

  • Media - Pitching to reporters in a way that is loyal to the people our clients represent while understanding how and why journalists gravitate toward stories and developing strong media relationships.

  • Research - Knowing how and when to pursue leads and being precise, thorough, and relentless in discovering potentially hidden information about the behaviors of companies; homing in on promising legislative activity, missing pieces of stories, and details that may connect otherwise scattered pieces of a common movement.

  • Relationships - Enlisting the support of friends and allies on campaigns, building coalitions where appropriate, and demonstrating integrity and trustworthiness by approaching all contacts from a place of curiosity and compassion.

  • Messaging - Developing a personal stake in campaigns and our clients’ missions, and expressing that stake with informal and formal messaging that is always attentive to the end goals, aligned with our clients in tone, and authentic to you.


Experience in any or all of the above areas is beneficial, with specific emphasis on demonstrated history and ability in communications, strategy, and/or grassroots activism and politics. We are looking for someone with over four years of professional work experience.

If you’ve always wanted to work on public advocacy campaigns to reduce the inequities you see around you, please apply for this position by sending a cover letter and resume to hello@theworkeragency.com.